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St Ives Progress Association (SIPA)

St Ives Progress Association Inc (SIPA) is a not-for-profit community group founded in 1913.
The association has an unbroken record of service to promote, enhance and protect the natural
and built amenity of St Ives.

To achieve its objective the association seeks to:

Inform the community about issues affecting St Ives and Ku-ring-gai
Encourage community awareness and engagement in local affairs
Advocate for best outcomes by lodging submissions and making representation to Council and to State Members
Endeavour to uphold democratic processes and accountability of public authorities
Collaborate with other community groups who have similar interests and objectives

SIPA is a voluntary group and it relies on the support and engagement of residents to achieve its objectives.
The association is dependent on donations and annual fees of members to meet operational costs.

The St Ives Progress Association (SIPA) proposes the following concept for a
St Ives Village Community Centre


The existing Retail Centre - The yellow area at the top left hand side
is the Community land area for the St Ives Village Community Centre

An expanded view of the community land area - (Yellow Area)

View from the intersection of Cowan Rd and the Village Green Parade ...

A birds eye view which illustrates the revised relocation of traffic flow ...

BASEMENT 1 - shows the 170 car spaces for Community use (incl sporting groups)

Shows potential tunnel under Village Green Parade to William Cowan Oval.
Also potential for a tunnel linking parking with Shopping Centre in the region of
the existing lift (presently the NRMA Pickup point)
There is potential at this level for Community groups and Sporting groups to store
sporting equipment and/or archive records - and could have golf buggy transport
to/from Cowan Oval.

The Ground Floor level could accommodate a
Neighbourhood Centre
Early Childhood Centre
Pre-school (each with individual outdoor play areas)
Ground Floor img10 

The First Floor has the capacity to house an enlarged library, a long Occasional Day Centre for Children,
and a Seniors Centre/Community Centre with flexible office space & meeting rooms for Community Groups
with Hot Desk workstations.
First Floor img11 

The Second Floor shows an Arts/Display Centre of 500 m2 adjoining an open-space area
with views of William Cowan Oval and The Village Green.
This could be available for Community & Private functions.
Second Floor img12 

This shows revised traffic flows with entry from Village Green Parade with direct line of access to loading dock,
tunnel entry to underground car parking space, short-term parking adjacent to Community Centre.
This would accommodate buses/taxis etc and exit from Car Parking area to Cowan Rd with improved visibility and increased distance.